Hoi An is the perfect place for MICE tours with a touch of nostalgia. Since 1999, Hoi An Ancient Town has been noted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its exceptionally well-preserved example of a 15th-19th century Southeast Asian trading port. The blend between foreign and indigenous cultural influences can be seen throughout its houses and street plan. The multi-cultural influences are also reflected through its distinctive regional cuisine.

Thanks to the city’s popularity, a variety of activities, as well as facilities to accomodate the needs to visitors has been emerging rapidly. Although most residents and rice fields have been gradually replaced by tourist businesses, the essence of the Old Town is still there. The molding yellow walls, the Japanese with a hint of French inlfuence houses along the riverside, the warm light from the lantern will surely transfer your event to a different time, to the peaceful past. Especially, taken place on every full moon date according to the lunar calendar, is the Full Moon Festival where all the electric light will be shut off and the town is light up with only thousands of lanterns and candles. The people exchanging flowers or setting the lanterns into the rivers as an offering to their ancestor, wishing for fortune. It’s definitely a magically night to witness and unforgettable experience one should not miss.

Rice Field Restaurant Hoi An