Located on Lam Vien Plateau in Central Highlands of Vietnam, Da Lat is considered the center of economy, politics, culture and society of the region. The city is blessed with moderate climate, abundant natural resrouces and rich humanities along with rapid developement in infrastructures and hospitality services. The fertilised soil and favourable weather play a part in Da Lat’s agricultural segment to supply more than 200.000 tons of vegerable and above 250 million flowers each year for the domestic market and oversea market.

Da Lat is year-round cool with thick bushels of white, green and purple hydrangeas stretch along the sidewalks. With hills, pine forests, and waterfalls surrounding the lakes and gold courses while elegant French-colonial villas dotted on most streets in the city making Da Lat uniquely beautiful. The increasing amount of hotels, modern facilites and ongoing improvement in hospitality has made Da Lat one of the most attractive destination in Vietnam for both leisure and incentive visitors.

Bich Cau