As Vietnam’s capital city and political centre, Hanoi is the country’s second largest city with a blend of East West. It has been chosen as the host for major important international and national events.It’s been enjoying a rapid boom in many industries, including infastructure construciton, industrial production and trading, especially in the non-state economic sector.

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Hanoi had 2,000 businesses engaged in foreign trade and have established ties with 161 countries and territories. There are many luxury hotels as well as convention centres and other entertainment facilities such as golf courses, heal and spa facilities, fine dining…to accommodate visitors needs. Hanoi city landscape is a beautiful mixture between the old and the new. Here, you will find well preserved colonial buildings, ancient pagodas and unique museums intertwine with skycrapers and shiny glass buildings; it is where the french old quarter is smack right in the middle of modern urban areas.

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